Book Number 26: Truckers by Terry Pratchett


I have wanted to read this for years.

Truckers by Terry Pratchett

Page Count: 267 Genre: Fiction – (Fantasy) Time taken: 11 days (Mon 19/09/11 – Thu 29/09/11) Sessions: 1 morning, 2 lunch, 2 afternoon, 4 night.

It took me a while to read this as there were a few days when I was just so busy I didn’t have a chance to pick it up! But, I loved it!

I love Terry Pratchett anyway, he makes me laugh, makes me think and makes me not want to put his books down. I was slightly worried that as this book was written for children, I may not appreciate it as much as his books for adults, but I was wrong, it was great. I remember when these were published and when the TV series was on, but at this point ( I think I was about 7-8) my dad had started reading Mort to us, so I dismissed these as too childish and started on the Discworld.

Truckers is about little people called Nomes, and Masklin in particular. Their little community are being forced to find somewhere to go as their numbers are dwindling and their lives are hard. They are eating rat and living in fear of different things in the “outside” that will kill them. Masklin decides to get them all to escape on a truck to find a better life.

In the first few chapters he manages to get the Nomes to escape and they come to a place where there are thousands of other Nomes… a large department store. Here they try to convince the other Nomes not only that there is an outside, but also that the store they are in is closing and being demolished and they have to move.

The Nomes take instruction from the thing – a black box that seems like an inanimate object… at first. As the book goes on, we learn more about the thing, and the origin of the Nomes, and where they need to go.

I love the Nomes different thoughts and explanations for different aspects of life, and their dismissal of Humans as dimwitted slow creatures. This book has all the wit of the other Terry Pratchett books, and I forgot I was reading a children’s book. That’s not to say that the book would not be good for kids, it is fantastically well written. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next two books in the series, and to go back and re-read some more Pratchett – a fantastic author.

Next on the list: I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore


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